Early Stage Business Funding


The Central Gulf Coast Private Investor Network (GCPIN) consists of individual accreditedinvestors interested in financing private companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development. CGCPIN facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to potential investors through presentations at CGCPINs periodic meetings and the groups deal review process. GCPIN members are interested in realizing a substantial return on their investments given the associated risk of early stage investing. CGCPIN members also desireto stimulate economic growth in theCentral Gulf Coast Region (between Panama City, FL and Ocean Springs, MS).

Qualified businesses seeking equity capitalcan applyas follows:

  1. Entrepreneurs are required to submit an executive summary / application, according to the guidelines providedfrom theEntrepreneurs page of this website.
  2. Submittals will go through an initial screeningto check for minimum acceptable criteria. This usually takes less than one week. Entrepreneurs will be advised of status upon completion ofthis stage via email.
  3. Once a company meets CGCPIN's criteria, the entrepreneurwill be asked to submit a detailed business plan along with a check (non-refundable) for $200.
  4. CGCPIN has regular periodic meetings to hear entrepreneur presentations. Enterpreneurs will be advised of the time, date and location of such meeting. At this time, presenters will be given 20 minutes to make a presentation of their business model followed by a question and answer period.
  5. CGCPIN will then vote whether to formally proceed to the next stage toward funding or not.
  6. CGCPIN will then commence its due dilligence process. This process is done by a small committee who reports to the members interested in the venture. This process can take several weeks to complete and is a rigorous review of your entire business plan and supporting documentation.
  7. For businesses that make it to this point,a "term sheet" will be generated and reviewed in detail. The term sheet serves as an outline for the most important legal and commerical aspects of the transaction. Once it has been signed-off on by both CGCPIN and the entrepreneur, this document will be given to CGCPIN's legal counselfor the drafting of all investment Documents.
  8. After execution of all legal documents by the entrepreneur, funding will occur.

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