Early Stage Business Funding

Sponsor Program

The Central Gulf Coast Private Investor Network
(CGCPIN) membership is made up of qualified investors interested in investing in emerging or expanding businesses in Central Gulf Coast Region. CGCPIN will function similar to an angel capital club, and invest mostly in early stage ventures. The network will focus primarily on companies located between and including Pensacola, Florida and Mobile, Alabama. CGCPIN will meet every 45 to 60 days to discuss active pending deals, hear entrepreneur presentations and to exchange various regional business information and contacts.

Deals will be generated through a specific marketing program. CGCPIN is interested in looking at qualified investment opportunities. Qualified investment opportunities are typically high growth companies with a good management team, and exciting products in rapidly expanding markets. Prospective companies must have a solid business model, which has to be thoroughly documented. CGCPIN will maintain a website. This website is the primary execution conduit for deal flow and transaction generation.

Program management is provided by member volunteers. 100% of sponsorship contributions will be used to for marketing and awareness programs to stimulate deal flow.


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